Steampunk-Inventions is a purely private project which is related solely to my hobby. Professionally, I have a lot to do with copper, aluminum, zinc and other metals. As early as 1998, I had a small workshop where I built many copper objects. Pictures, wall fountains, lights and sculptures. Pictures with water flow or Led gadgets. Also mobile was there. It was at that time my personal steampunk and I could thus realize ideas that did not exist in this way yet. Today, there are many more possibilities to put thought-making games into action. Alone already by the computer technology and the progress of the electronic development. Therefore, I would not like to reinvent the wheel with Steampunk-Iventions, but try to work it out and bring it into a shape adapted to the present day. Thoughtfully, I have thousands of things in my head that I try to realize and the steampunk is the focus.
All objects on these pages are made in pure handwork and partly contain antique parts. Each one is unique. Steampunk, which was or will be built in series with CNC machines is for me no Steampunk and rather a shame for this scene. Who sells Steampunk as bulk goods, has not understood the purpose and the goal! Imagine if Leonardo da Vinci painted Mona Lisa fifty times, what would have made this picture even more attractive?

For me, steampunk is art and passion. The attempt to combine function and form with the resources of the Victorian era and to present what the future would have looked like in earlier times.

Your Leander Lavendel